Problem importing the SWF in Flash (loadmovie)

Im importing my swf (generate by TB) in a movieclip.

loadmovie(“test.swf”, roger);

When im executing my swf outside flash he’s ok. But when im importing it in flash my movie slowing down. He goes faster when im at the _level0 but it go slower when i load it in a movieclip.

Any idea?

I’m sorry I never used Flash, but could your frame rates be different?


Yes they are exactly the same and even if i change them that didn change anything.

Ok! Mathieu form toonBoom finaly found the solution… the picture under my animation (background) was too heavy or complexe, so i just delete it and put an white background and it work well now. Ive try either tu put an picture or an vector images but it still slow the animation