Problem getting student license


I bought the monthly subscription to Harmony. But I don’t see where I can get a license? My 30 day trial expired and I thought it was supposed to just restart, letting me continue using the program, but sadly it did not. I am still paying a monthly fee but cant open the program now any help would be appreciated

I’m not sure how student licenses work, you should have a license key in your profile at or being sent a key via email. When you bought that license you must have received that information somehow. If you can’t find it on your account or email you should contact Toon Boom support or whatever channel you used to purchase the license, because trials are not revalidated without a key.

Student subscription licenses are activated by entering your
account’s email address and password in the license wizard.

It may help to return the trial license first.
To do this, open the license wizard from the “License Tools” folder
of the software using the options:
Manage Licenses
Manage Local License
select the license and hit the “Return” button.

Beyond that, please contact support and send them a screenshot of the
above window after returning the trial license.