Problem following butterfly tutorial - all frames changed.

I am on Butterfly kick start video called “Animating your Butterfly”. I have created the butterfly and now the video tells me to copy frame 1 from the timeline and paste it into frame 3 and make some changes and press + key.

In the video, it shows that he now has a flapping butterfly, because frame 1 is different from frame 3. However, no matter how many times I follow this video, my butterfly is changed on all frames, so it cannot flap.

I’ve followed this video about 20 times, but cannot work out what I am doing wrong. Can anybody help with this simple problem?


With the Select Tool select at frame 1 the whole butterfly in Camera View and Copy…In the Timeline move the time-slider forward to frame 3… and Paste…(you should see the full divider-line between the frame 2 and 3 - this is the indicatorthat you have created an independent frame (exposure)…The exposure at frame 2 was created automatically…Still at frame 3 make your changes to the wings position…Hit the Plus-Key (+) to increase this exposure by 1 frame(this time you won’t see the full divider-line between the frames)You should have now frame 1and 2 - wings in the up position,and frame 3 and 4 - wings in the down position…Create your Cycle…RegardsNolan

Thanks Nolan, that worked perfectly. :DI really wish it was clearer in the tutorial!