Problem exporting Quicktime

Hi all,
I experimented with a lot of export setting for a QT export from TBS that would work well in Final Cut. I was psyched when I found out I could export with NTSC DV/DVCPRO codec and I could bring into Final Cur with no frame drops or anything.

However, for some reason now, every time I export Quicktime movie with those setting and quality set as “best” the movie come out pixelated. Do you know any reason why I would get a pixelated Quicktime movie on export of NTSC DV/DVCPRO codec movei with Best quality selected? Any help asap would be so much appreciated as I need to finish a prpject for a deadline on Sunday.


Are you exporting to the same Dimensions like your Studio project…?
Assuming your are working in 4:3…?
Create in Studio DV NTSC (720 x 540) Export from Studio NTSC (720 x 480)
Open the QuickTime Properties (command+J) under Visual Settings check High Quality.


This seems like it’s working so far. Nolan, did you ever know that you’re my hero?