Problem exporting png4

Hello, I am using Toon Boom Harmony Premium and since I installed the program I haven’t been able to export in png4 program. I already checked the process and I believe I am doing it correctly:
Node Editor > Write > Select folder, change file name > select PNG4 > Then I go to File > Export > Render Network

It shows a window loading the frames I selected, as if rendering them fast, but when I open the folder there is nothing there. This has been going on for a while and I still can’t find a solution, it might be worth mentioning that I didn’t have this problem before when I worked in my laptop or in any other computer.

Has anyone experienced a problem like this? How did you solve it?

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I also installed this program in my PC and faced the same problem. I reckon, every user is facing this problem because I have also heard this complain from other users as well who often get assignment writing service online. Company should try to resolve this issue as soon as possible to make this program a trust-able.

I have the exact same problem, I can export TGAs. But not PNG4 and i’m blocked