Problem drawing in Essentials (latest version)

I bought essentials yesterday, I at first only used my mouse to play with the interface. I then connected my YIYNOVA tablet and thats where I have the problem. The pen isn’t inking where I draw. If I scribble all the way to right of the drawing screen, the inking occurs somewhere in the center of the screen.

I also noticed that using the mouse draws a thicker line than the tablet for the same brush setting. I have tried several times to calibrate the tablet and it does not work.

This tablet, BTW, works with the last version of Toon-Boom Studio, Art rage, Sketchbook with no problem.

The tablet cursor is where I expect it to be, I can use the tablet pen to select any feature (brush size, color etc) as expected but the inking is off. I’m using the software in the default setting and slowly trying different settings but cannot seem to fix this.

Can anyone help?