problem design pleez help me

I have a small problem is that the drawing is apply when you release the mouse button, I hope you can help me.
Video attached to see clearly on youtube :

card Graphic :

configuration system :

i’m us Toonboom pro 2 with mouse and basic theme.

thank You very much .

yes the INTEL CHIPSETS is not supported for your products :’( :’( !
thank you very much (Lilly) for your reply .

mohammed mhamdi

Are you using Animate, Animate Pro, or Harmony?

First, do you have a supported graphics card? See the system requirements here:

Second, do you have the graphics drivers installed for the tablet that you’re using? Or are you just using a mouse? If you are using a tablet and it is installed, try to remove the tablet preferences.

Lastly, if you’re on Windows, you should turn off the aero theme. If you right-click on the Desktop, and select Personalize, then you can switch from Aero to Basic.

After trying all the above, make sure you quit and re-start the application.

The Intel Integrated chipsets are not supported for use with our technology. The reason is that they have a limited support of OpenGL, which we use for graphics processing, drawing, and many other aspects of the application.