Problem cycle

Hello everyone,
I am creating a little animation and I have a problem creating a loop. Because if I have 5 key frames, and then create a loop, the program increases the exposure and do not duplicate keyframes?
Do I have to manually copy and paste?
Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

This is a screnshoot

Here is an approach to creating a key framed looping action.

This will work for pegged groupings or for individual elements, I explain the differences where appropriate.

Step 1. animate your action setting key frames as desired for the sequence of frames that constitutes one cycle. The first key frame and the last frame of the cycle should be identical that way each additional cycle will start the same.

Step 2. extend your exposures for your element along your timeline so that you have enough exposures to produce as many repeat cycles as you need for your animation. IE for an 8 frame cycle to be repeated 10 times you will need to extend your exposure out 70 frames from the end of the first cycle.

NOTE: if you are working with a pegged grouping, first collapse the parent peg and then extend the exposures of the children by extending the collapsed parent using the EXTEND CHILDREN EXPOSURE command. Keep the parent peg collapsed for steps 3, 4, & 5 if your cycle is for the entire group.

Step 3. Select the frames of your initial key framed cycle and copy them using the CTRL+C or (MAC) CMD+C command. note: in this example you select all 8 frames that constitute your cycle. Note that the 8th frame in my example is actually the beginning of the next cycle because it repeats the first frame of the cycle you are going to be looping.

Step 4a. Move along the time line to the first frame of the next sequence of the series to be looped . IE if your initial cycle ended at frame 8 then move to frame 8 for this step and then for each additional cycle you will start at the last frame of the previous cycle.

Step 4b. Once you are positioned at the beginning of a new cycle you will want to use the PASTE SPECIAL command CTRL+B. When the PASTE SPECIAL dialog opens you want to “uncheck” all the boxes on the DRAWING side of the dialog that way you will only be pasting key frames and not drawings.

Step 5 Repeat step 4 a&b for each additional cycle. You can use the PASTE SPECIAL AGAIN (shift+CTRL+B) command to save some time on these additional cycles.

Hope this helps you move forward -JK

Then I’ll tell you, I was interested in the movement of 'bee was repeated throughout the animation, I was able to solve it this way:
I created five levels, one for the body, two levels for the wings, and one for the abdomen and the head of the bee, I copied and pasted the first 4 cells across the length of my animation, without using frames key.
Finally I have included all levels of an element Peg.

I understand only now how to create an animation in different ways. Thank you for everything you do, both on the forum, whether on your blog!