Problem- can't ctrl select in the Ik interface

Hi All

Just a quick problem while I’m investigating IK in harmony premium 14.

Basically I’m not able to ctrl select the bones-
when I try ctrl clicking a bone to select it or set limits it basically:-

switches to the transform tool/seems to jump out of IK-(?)
and ends up deselecting the hierarchy I was fiddling with.
(ie I get a flash of the yellow transform rectangle instead of the ik cursor and the tree is deselected)

I don’t remember it doing it in the previous version because I remember fiddling with the limits etc (when I first got Toon boom and was quickly looking at things…)

Anyway I wonder if its an interface setting thing?-
something like some kind of override in the window that’s in focus- have a vague memory of something like that that occurs?
But can’t remember or think where to look to toggle whichever switch/setting is doing it.

I’m guessing its a “oh just push that button” type of solution…but I don’t know which.

Any help would be great.


IK is a feature that works with peg and layer movements.
IK does not work with deformation chains.

Yes I know-
I’m not using deformations- I’m using peg layers and drawing layers.

To repeat-
I can shift click and alt click bones (to nail them,hold orientation or rotate in isolation-all good)

but if I try to control click it kind of jumps out of ik into what looks to be the transform tool.

Well actually its exactly the transform tool because it says so at the bottom of the camera view window

-Also finding odd shenanigans with the “enable translation if top of hierarchy button”.

Presumably it needs to work with all chain mode
but I am finding on occasion it locks the movement of the top most parent peg (root)-or you’d call it master peg I guess
it sometimes it locks vertical or horizontally-
but if you switch out into transform and just shift the master or root a tiny bit and switch back in -it suddenly frees up and you can move it as expected.

Is the enable translation button kind of expecting there to be ‘feet’ that are nailed and the mode to be all chain.