Probably really easy to solve but im new

Hi I have been using the trial version of animatepro2, I have been making vector artwork for years but only just decided to take the leap to animation. I have made this really simple .swf:

The problem is that it looks roughly how I want it to look by the end of the animation but that means I have to rub bits away etc. How do I make it so that these changes are separate to the ones at the start.

Thanks in advance!

do you mean using articulations to make the arm movement smoother?

Have a look at the kickstart videos for a starting overview of it if that is what you mean.

I am not 100% sure what you are trying to do.

Is this a frame-by-frame animation? I.e. a different drawing on each frame? Or are you trying to use transform animation? I.e. there are two layers, one is the arm that is moving, and one that is the stationary part of the robot, then using the transform tool to animate the arm?

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