probably a simple fix, importing drawings into timeline

Hello! I’m on cell 460 of my animation currently, and every time I import a drawing, it starts it allllll the way back at zero. Is there a way to start it at the cell I want so I don’t have to go back and erase? It also then creates a keyframe back at cell 1 so I have to another round of deleting for that. I edited several years back on an older version of toon boom and feel like there’s a way to do this. Thanks for any help!


well alrighty then.

hahaha yes there is. When you bring any art onto the timeline it is automatically going to set it at frame one and fill the timeline. All of your art is saved in your library. So, on frame 460, just reselect the art you want so you get a new drawing substitution dash on the timeline and then go back to frame one, go to your library and drag the frame to zero. That way the art will start at 460 for you without you having to select the whole timeline or do anything ridiculous.