Pro vs Harmony

the only differences i see with Harmony from TB pro is the Deformer and Pencil tool. What else is so special about Harmony over TB Pro.

particle engine, 3d intergration, bones

If you work on a bigger project the database option is quite good. You can centralize the data on a server to make backup easier and also you can do a render farm. You can also do high speed scanning/vectorization if you are into traditional paper productions.

You have new options in the shift and trace area, new color-override options, new plugins like Quake, gradients, color-keying.

Better morphing of pencil lines. New display modes in the Timeline to show only what is selected or tagged.

You can drag and drop images as references in the Model view from the Library, usefull when you have a library of character design that you just want to drop in the drawing view for size reference.

New paste options in the Timeline to paste Keyframes and exposures like before or just the exposure or just the keyframes. Practical when you don’t have a parent peg in your character rigs.

Harmony with the 3D module is the biggest leap since the Wacom tablet.

I’ve created scenes with illustrator files using a deformation plugin slicing into a rotating set of 3D *.osb files in the Stage.

I showed some raw footage of scenes to some artist/animators and their jaws dropped. Seeing an animated line drawing with “deformation” colliding with a .osb file moving though and across the space blew their minds.

“How the hell did you do that?” They could replicate some of the moves but could not believe how line drawings could cut through a rotating form.

This is the biggest shift in animation art since Pixar and even ToonBoom does not fully realize what they have.

Harmony once it is 64bit will be able to make art that could rival the great masters of old. This is far bigger than creating Saturday morning cartoons.

Harmony and its 3D module is impossible to hype. This is the Caxton Printing Press for animators.

i would really love to see what you have done,if possible
i wouldnt mind to drop my jaw!
im more into render open GL frames with it
the .osb/maya route seems really daunting on mac
what plug-in are you refearing to?

I will second that motion! It sounds like you dropped an AI file in + a 3D object that is animated and somehow the 2d stuff can animate a slice through the 3d object???

I just got Harmony 2 weeks ago and couldn’t agree more… defiantly one of the best things to happen in 2D animation in a long time! Been waiting for something like this since I was a kid working with DPaint on my Amiga!!

Show us, Peter! I’d love to not only see what you are talking about here but how you did it!

I will put an edit of the 15 minutes of raw footage up sometime soon ;D
I am working on this highly abstract non narrative project on my own so it’s going to take time.

It’s more like a slow moving mural that until the tech comes into place it will have to be projected. I’m working to have it all rendered up in 4k HD so that it can be shown in the future.

I was quite taken aback by the response as to me it all seemed pretty basic but the ability to cut an AI file into a Maya file via Harmony Stage is amazing in itself…I think.

I’ll put something up soon. ;D

is that mean… animate pro is not as powerful as harmony??

can we hav tools that harmony have into pro with kind of script or plug-ins?

Harmony 10 blows Pro out of the water. They are running special upgrade deals: BUY now!

I use a lot of 3D with the 2D sequences and Harmony 10 is awesome.

I am sure some of the tools could be done with scripts but currently nobody has written them.

Animate Pro is still powerful, it just lacks some of the tools of Harmony. Also the new version of Harmony is 64 bit and I am sure that will influence quite a number of people.

I don’t think you would be able to achieve the things that have been done in Harmony with plugins in Animate Pro. We have a huge team of developers that worked for several years on what you see in Harmony. :slight_smile: