Pro Users -3D Stereoscopic tutorial is up in case you have not noticed.

hard to keep up withToonboom, they do things quietly like a thief in the night. ::slight_smile:

Nonetheless, go to the E-learning section of Animate Pro and you will see the Download link for the 3D Stereoscopic tutorial. I downloaded it cause I am curious about it but I do not have Pro :’(

Thanks for the tip off :DIt will be in the next toonboom tips and tricks newsletter this week if i believe. They probably put it up first there in order to make sure it works perfecto before emailing it to 1000’s of people.

You welcome, I just extracted it and I thought I would find a video tutorial but instead project files for Pro… Bummer. Update: The Pdf instructions is the actual tutorial. I didn’t read the paragraph just assumed it would be a video tut. :-[

Looks good, i still need to figure the processing part at the end, but at least I will have something to work with.

You would be an instant legend if you jumped on the tutorial first! I noticed that at the end it read …I guess most compositors know how to do those things?

Are you implying I am not alread a legend? :’( :’(just kidding hahaha ;DThat is the exact step which is going to be the hardest. Basically it will depend on what software you are using. I have only done basic compositing so it will be interesting. I am going to make a few cubes and spin them around and see if i can get it to work.

No not a legend yet, but you are “destined” to be one. I’m sure you will figure it out. Whatever comp software you use should have some instructions on how to do it I hope.I just googled “Combine movies into a single Left and Right 3D Stereoscopic AVI” and got alot of stuff that might be helpful so the resources are out there.

going to work on it today to see if i can get it working :)I like my destined domain, i get offers to buy it regularly :slight_smile:

Okay so I have gone through all the steps and done a basic example.I am not thrilled with the result (nothing to do with animate, i just hate the red blue 3D effect. I think it ruins the animation. But with the new 3D TV’s it will be awesome in a few years time).Anyway I did it with stereomovie maker which is free but limited to 640 by 480 output size.Does anyone else have any recommended (preferably free) apps for putting it together. I use ulead studio for putting my videos together. Basic i know, but it does the job for me.

also just to check I am doing it right.When lining up the focus and rotating the left and right cameras to match the main field of view (which is your focus) i should be rotating the cameras rotation peg not the main peg for the camera right?

You’re absolutely right. There are three levels of pegs. Just to recap, I’ll do a little drawing:. All Camera Master Peg. / | . / | . / | . / | . / | . PegL PegC PegR. | | |. | | |. L Cam Rot P Middle Cam Rot P R Cam Rot P. | | |. | | |. L_Camera Middle_Cam R_CameraSo theoretically you have this setup, right? PegL and PegR will be used for the initial setup only. The only information that PegL and PegR will contain is the 1F offset that indicates the position of each eye.After that, you will animate the Cam Rot Pegs in order to focus in on your focal point. The analogy for this part is for example when your eyes focus in on your finger - if your finger is close to your face, then the pegs have to be rotated inwards more - if your finger is farther away, then they rotate out a little - but they will always still be tilted inwards, it’s just the amount that varies. You will always be rotating in Y for this rotation.The only other kind of a rotation you might have to do is a rotation in Z - this is, for example, if you start out looking down, then you look up. But this kind of a rotation would be the same on all three cameras and so it would be done on the master peg.Did that clear it up a little bit? Hope it helped!~LillyToon Boom Support

Thank you. That is what I thought. I wanted to check I right.In your example (and the one on the elearning) PegC and Middle Cam Rot P are not used and just there for sence of completeness right?

Yes indeed, the centre camera pegs are there simply for completeness. In fact, you don’t need the rotation peg at all - there is no scenario in which you would want the centre camera to rotate. However there is a case in which you may want to put an offset on the camera - but this can also easily be applied in the master peg itself. So you can just attach the master peg directly to the centre camera.~Lilly

Okay I finally totally understand what I am doing (in my mind, but there must be something wrong).Basically when I follow the instructions as best I can the left and right camera must be too far apart cause when i combine them the reb and blue lines are massive and made mess so the effect doesn’t work.The only thing I can see that might be different is my camers are at 12F in the z axis, because that is the default for animate. If i move them to 0 they are in front of the fieldcharts which is clearly wrong.Has anybody else done this sucessfully?Also i am only panning left and right so I don’t have to worry about adjusting the rotations yet (i want to get it working right first)I rendered off the sample and it works great! The camera setup looks to be a little different though.

Why don’t you post your final red-blue video on a free site where we can take a look at it? I have a pair of red-blue glasses handy so then maybe I can see what you’re talking about when you say that the lines are massive.~LillyToon Boom Support

[url=] It is clearly wrong. It looks to me like the left and right camera are way too far apart.The camera is only panning exactly on focus length for the little ufo(there is one set of trees and the bushes in front of the ufo and one set of trees, moutains, moon and sky behind it). I didn’t move the camera in or out so I haven’t had to correct any rotations (trying to get the basic right).

Well, I guess you’re right, those cameras are much to far apart…Couldn’t see any stereoscopic-effect at all…Are you using any specialized software for compositing,bringing those two rendered movies together…?I have only those “green and purple” cardboard-glasses made by American Paper Optics, LLC - http://www.3dglassesonline.comThose came with the “Coraline” DVD by Tim Burton.Unfortunately, I have a hard time to make those glasses work…rather get a “Headache” after a while and give up…I guess, it’s rather me than the glasses…?Anyway, I started to experiment with stereoscopic workflow in Cinema 4D…Cameras are very easy to set up and use… If anybody is interested, here is the Tutorial by Matthew O’Neil: a project with a Left and Right Camera in Animate 2…Using the Coord. and Control Points Panel to create two slightly different X-positionfor the Camera-Peg…Then using Final Cut Express 3.5 Composite Mode to bring those 2 movies together…The outcome is rather “poor”… maybe it’s me again…? or the glasses…?Maybe someone likes to put her/his 3D glasses on and let me know,if any effect is visible…Version 1 uses 2 movies with Composite Mode Darken / Red Tint Filter: 2 uses 1 movie with Composite Mode Channel Offset red: you for your helpRegardsNolan

Yeah i know mine is wrong. I am just trying to figure why, because I am sure I followed the directions (and understand them).I only have red/blue glasses. The first one doesn’t look at all right with them. The second one looked pretty decent.In general I agree the coloured glasses effect sucks, however once set up it is ready for active 3D which is great and looks awesome.I am going to watch that tutorial to see if I can figure if it can help my animate woes (as it is obviously a camera setup issue).To bring my 2 together I am using Sony Vegas at the moment. I plan to try and get it to work in blender. The process should be the same in all compositing software.Basically you-Use the levels function to remove all blue and all green channels from left-use levels function to remove all red from right-Set the compositing mode to screen on both layers.and you are done.For your glasses not being standard red/blue you will need to probably remove different colours from left and right.A standard red/blue won’t work if your glasses are green and purple

Thank you very much for your excellent advice…If you like, here is the new composite:

I am going to look at changing the values for the camera locations because your results are fairly good.Because you zoom in and out your trees have a floating effect. Are the trees at a different z depth to the snowly hills they are on?Are you just using 2 parallel cameras or are you rotating them in so you have a focal point?