Pro PLE to Educational

Hi. I have been working on a project for summer camp, and was creating it in the demo version (PLE) until I could order the educational version. I wasn’t completely finished with it but was pretty far along. When I got the educational version, I could open the file created with PLE - the imported jpegs were there but none of my drawings would show up. The timeline and xsheet still show they are there, all still labeled as they were, but no matter how I try and view the (camera, model, drawing) they won’t show. Please help my project is due this Friday!!!

Your question is posted in the wrong forums, these are the forums for Studio and your asking a Digital Pro question. They are totally different applications and have totally separate forums. You may not get a better answer but you have a chance of getting some support help if you switch to the right forums and talk to the right support community. I’m not trying to give you a hard time, but rather trying to help you and others with Digital Pro questions by pointing you to the right help/ support resource. Plus you only need to post a question once in a single forum section, multiple duplicate threads just clutter up the forums and don’t improve the resulting responses. - JK