(PRO)Brush Textures SWF export compatability

Hi All,
I have a question about Animate Pro Brush textures. I’m thinking of upgrading to Pro (mostly for these textures) and want to confirm that if I create an animation using the brush textures those textures will successfully export to SWF. Also, do blend modes like Multiply, Overlay, etc work on SWF export?

Really trying to create a handmade feel that exports correctly to SWF for a website project.

Any confirmation would be greatly appreciated,

I feel your frustration with the SWF export but it is something that is really out of Toon Boom’s control.

I have another animation app called Anime Studio Pro and there are always limitations and compromises with what features will export out with SWF.

Whether it is Toon Boom, Anime Studio Pro or some other app, they all are at the mercy of Adobe and the SWF format such as it is. And I don’t think Adobe has any inclination to improve or expand upon the format.

I just got Animate Pro yesterday and did a quick test and it looks like the brush textures do not export out properly in the SWF. And I hate to use that word “properly” because, again, I think TB is handcuffed with what they can do with Adobe’s SWF specs.

Most of the blend modes do export to SWF, and when you look at the “Blending” module in the network view you’ll notice that there are two dropdown lists, one for SWF blend mode - and you’ll need to adjust that one for your export to SWF.

The texture brushes are not supported within the SWF format.