Pro 2 (error) help

Hi thanks for your help, my problem is this: since I installed the software until I open it for the first time everything is fine, but when I draw, after a while the program is closed and I can never stop drawing. What will be the problem? Thanks to all :wink:

Hi Edgar,

Could you post more information please? What operating system are you using? When the software closes do you get an error message?

Thanks for responding. Do not output any error message, I have Windows xp 1.66 ghz dual process. 1GB of RAM, Intel Atom, the problem occurs when I’m drawing the program is not responding and closes. Thanks for helping me.

Given the topic of your post, I understand you’re trying to run Animmate Pro2 on that computer. If that’s the case, it is not up to the minimum requirements for Animate Pro (2ghz processor), which could explain the crashes.

What kind graphic card do you have?