priority on building a cartoon?


i am new on toon boom, and i am hardly or desperating trying to create my firest cartoon, but 'd like some advise from who has done it before.
i am creating my 4 character, i’ve done it by sketching on paper and scan and color on toon boom and some of them, are been drawing directly on toon boom with a tablet, (but i am not a genius on drawing with the tablet…).
I saw that when i saw common cartoon, the character lines, the countour (the contour is black for every cartoon) is different from every character, (because i don’t have pay attantion on the first phase).
So i think that i shoudl try to make all the caratcher have the same line as contour, what i should do it?
Also to make it smoother, should i re-draw the countor with the polyline tool?

I have to make some background and i am in real pain, most of the background is indoor, because the scene are classroom, should i find some good images and re-edited on photoshop and use it, or draw it in animate, use the 3d effects, because i have animate 2 pro?
Or seach on google for images and convert it on vectorial and use it in a flat mode?
whay is the most efficent and fastest way to do it (relativly)…

thank you very much…

Best Regards

If you have scanned and vectorised your drawings from paper, then this creates brush lines instead of pencil lines. Meaning, you cannot simply select and resize your lines afterwards. You could use the contour editor to shape your lines, or you could draw over them with the pencil/polyline/line tool and then you would have all your lines at the same thickness. There is a convert brush to pencil command, but it’s difficult for the computer to convert from brush to pencil sometimes since it has to extract the centreline, and it has to make its own judgement of how to do so, so you will often get warping or significant changes if you convert from brush to pencil, but you could try it out to see if it will save you any time.

When working with backgrounds, you can either draw them in photoshop and import those or you can draw them directly in Animate Pro. I would not recommend downloading images from the internet and vectorising them because you may run into copyright issues with the images that you find. If you’re working on a professional project, then you should create your own images. You can look at images for reference, but if you trace them directly or just re-edit them then you are entering a murky area as far as infringing on the copyright of whoever took the images. What I would recommend instead is that you take a digital camera and take your own reference pictures of indoor scenes and whatnot, that way you do not run the risk of infringing on the copyright of someone else’s images.

Hope this helps.

Toon Boom Support

Normally, you need have a previous technical and artistic plan, to develop any solid project. Technically you need define if his animation will be traditional scanned drawings or scanned rough and clean and paint with the software, or animation cut out based, that maximize the technical capabilities of the software. If defined, you need create every brush and every colour palette that you will use in the project. Pre planning the caracters and joining all in one drawing model is very useful. You can decide if use brush or pencil tool at this moment. Brush make possible more free expression but you can´t vary it when applied in the drawing (only with contour editor tool point by point) and with the polyline tool (or pencil tool) you can change the thickness in every moment selecting the drawing line and assigning new value in tool properties, and look very smooth.
To draw a background you have many ways to do that. In Animate you can do excellent BG, if not, in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or painting and scanning. Of course you can use third parts images but regarding the copyright. His desition is the way. Regards.