Printed Manual

How I wish there was a printed manual!

Yeah me too ,
Reading on the computer hurts my eyes.

What I did for the Toon Boom Studio manual was to print it out on my inkjet printer, took it to Office Depot and had them spiral bind it with a clear plastic cover. I use it all the time. It’s 300 and some pages and make a book a little over an inch thick. The Animate Pro manual is over 800 pages so you could divide it up in halves or thirds. I think you can also just take the PDF to Office Depot–or other places like that–and have’m print and bind them for you. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

The only problem is, once you’re done, they come out with a new version and a new manual :slight_smile:

If you really want to print it I would advise doing multiple pages per page.

Honestly it is better as a pdf IMO cause it is easier to search and you can bring it up side by side with Animate. That manual has taught me a lot!

Yes, the manual is really good…guess I will check out what it will cost me to get it printed.

I think its easier to flip back and forth in a printed manual, also nicer to read when not in front of the computer…

The PDF is great but the problem I have is working on a project in Animate and having to check the manual at the same time–back and forth, back and forth, losing my place, etc. It’s a pain! So it’s nice to have a printed copy on my desk that I can follow along with while I work.

2 screens :slight_smile: (or desktop and laptop)

Good idea, James!

I like the Digital pro manual , it’s very detailed and divided in sections , one just for cut-out character , other for traditional paperless animation …etc .
and not only talks about the software but also teach hoe to organize your directories, projects .
AND THE VIDEO KICK START EVEN BETTER , i wish they did that with animate pro .


Thank you very much for your feedback on the documentation.
I am taking all of your comments into account and will discuss them with the team to see what can be improved for the next version.

And let’s say that the Documentation team appreciates quite a bit that people are reading the documentation!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

James, I was wondering if you got a chance to take a look at the Animate Pro 2 training videos:

There will be a series of videos for traditional, tradigital and compositing too.

Thakns again for the feedback,


I got the userguide printed at fedex kinkos website a while ago, I then went to the store and I picked it up the next morning. They did an incredible job.

Marie-Eve i’ve seen the videos tutorials , they are great , thanks . but i was talking about the pdf ones .
Ilike digital pro ones . more details , besides many tips and stick used to be posted on the site every month . these things we don’t see them on the site since digital pro became animate pro .

How much did it cost you, Alex? How thick is it?

And yeah, Marie-Eve, tell the team I read the manual from cover to cover and study it constantly! How else would I be able to figure out this software :slight_smile: