Print X-Sheets (non-pro)


I own both Animate Standard and Pencil Check Pro.
Pencil Check Pro allows printing and saving the X-sheet
and according to the detailed features of Animate (standard) this is also

Now, my question is- where is the option in the standard version?? I cannot find it?



Hello, I have the same question regarding Animate (non-pro edition). I have hunted through the interface and users guide but find no reference to printing the exposure sheet. This feature is listed for both standard and pro editions.


main window:

or →

in xsheet window:

I´m on pro, but it`s propably the same in the non-pro version… :slight_smile:

there is no ‘PRINT’ in animate non-pro.

Ah, that’s a drag. The website misstates print xsheets as a feature of animate AND animate pro…
# Emulates a traditional exposure sheet
# Create, edit and save exposure sheets
# Contextual exposure sheet column display based on the selected drawing
# Print exposure sheets
# Automatically build the timing in your exposure sheet with a simple click and drag
# PRO Use expression columns to create values for an effect based on mathematical operations
# Control the velocity values with Bezier or ease function curves; control the values in other columns with these functions
# Copy and paste cells with drag and drop
# Automatically visualize and update groups and hierarchies
# PRO Draw directly in exposure sheet with Annotation column using drawing pen
# Display Audio waveforms


sorry, i read the featurelist on the website and thought it would be the same in both versions.

The website claims that animate DOES prints exposure sheets, as well as pro. The only difference listed between the two versions for the exposure sheet features are two column types that the standard version of animate does not have… Expression columns and Annotation columns.


We apologize for the confusion this feature is indeed exclusive to Animate Pro. I have mentioned this to the webmaster which should address it promptly.

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Thanks Ugo

The division of features between standard and pro versions seems mysterious to me. I can understand the network rendering being a pro feature for larger studios. but to dissadvantage the individual animator with the lack of annotation columns and printing of exposure sheets seems a slap at a loyal base of artists.

As Animate is rated as a “professional” product, the absence of xsheet printing and saving is a ??? to me as well when much cheaper animation software include this ability.
I understand the network options and full 3d ability is not available, even novices who are studying traditional animation need to learn to use xsheets. And the ability to keep them as hardcopies for future reference is a vital resource.