Pricing Model Punitive for Freelancers

First up, I haven’t raised a post to diss Harmony as a software package. It does an awful lot, and mostly it does it very well. It’s for this reason that I made the decision to invest in a perpetual license for Harmony back in 2020, along side a Silver Support package to protect my investment. Once the software is installed, I’ve found it pretty stable and besides, as a freelancer I’m installing the standalone version. I really don’t need a paid for support package (most software doesn’t - there’s an abundance of helpful people on the web happy to offer support and guidance for free), which means I’m paying £300GBP/year purely to ‘secure’ my investment in the software and remain eligible for upgrades to any new versions. I don’t feel I should have to pay for patches and bug fixes, nor should iterative releases be aligned to any support package. So, in effect, this year when Toon Boom hasn’t released a new version, I’ve paid for…well, what exactly? Because in the event that I were to let my support package lapse at all, the cost of upgrading to the next release would be almost as much as the initial £2,000 I paid for the license. When couched in those terms, for freelancers like me the support package amounts to something more like life insurance than a support offer. I haven’t raised a single ticket this year, there hasn’t been a new release of the software, so in effect I’m paying £300 just so I don’t get whacked hard in the wallet in order to keep the software current. Times are hard at the moment and I can think of 100 ways I could better use that money to support my business and my family, yet I can never get off the Toon Boom gravy train because the upgrade cost is so eye-wateringly high.

I really do think this is a pricing model that doesn’t serve freelancers or small outfits very well. It’s up to Toon Boom to decide whether that demographic deserves a more equitable package.



This year is not over yet. :slight_smile:

Harmony’s release dates can vary quite a lot.
The new version is mostly released in autumn.

Yes, but paid subs don’t necessarily run from start of calendar year. If your sub expires in November then you’ll miss out on the next release if you don’t renew. November 2022-November 2023 hasn’t seen a new version, and I’m not raising any support tickets, so all I’m paying for is to remain eligible for the next version. At £300, I’m not seeing the value TBH.

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I totally agree with you, I don’t have perpetual and pay yearly subscription. Worked out it will take me 5-6 years with what you are doing with paying for support on top of perpetual license to pay the same amount. Who knows where I or ToonBoom will be by then. The pricing is crazy, it really makes life difficult for freelancers. I wish they would either do a freelancer rate that was more affordable, or if you pay for perpetual that you don’t have to pay a yearly service charge, but instead could just pay a smaller upgrade fee for new versions.

ToonBoom seems to be only interested in the big studios.

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