can anybody tell wats the price for harmony…i ve mailed them 3 thrice didnt ant reply…student ryt now…i ve to prepare portfolio for a job.

I believe I saw someone post a figure of $3,000.
I got Harmony through a series of upgrade specials over a few years so
I’m not sure if that amount is accurate.

That certainly isn’t good, what email address did you use?

I really think this is an area TB needs to address. The pricing for Harmony should be the same across the board. I remember they came to a studio I was at a few years back now and showed us demos of Harmony. When asked about a price they became very dodgy. I believe it is because they want to get what they can from which studio. For example, clearly Disney has deeper pockets than say, a smaller independent studio.with a handful of animators. So they will charge more for Disney than they would for a freelancer.

I think this is bad business, and I think it keeps their product out of the hands of people who may want to use it. I really fell in love with Harmony, and I would like to see more studios using it, but I believe TB’s pricing scheme makes it harder for it to proliferate into the studios.

I would think they’d cut Disney some slack for volume licensing.
Most major studios expect that.
But I agree with being upfront on the price for Harmony. It would show confidence in the product’s value.

Considering the contact us to find price it isn’t as high as I expected.

My best guess is for Studios the setup is more complex and they want to understand the setup since Harmony is a network solution. This is typical of company who offers these type of solutions to quote based on the complete setup.For those bigger studios the network management tools are the main selling point. Me personally I couldn’t care less since there is only 1 of me :slight_smile:

I imagine the more seats you buy the cheaper it gets!

Harmony was until very recently a Network solution only, a context in which you can purchase just a few licenses of hundreds of them so a price would depend on the number of seats and other conditions such as upgrade from other software, etc. It’s the top of the food chain, so it makes sense to put it apart from other softwares. But in the end, sure, it’s a matter of policy so you can agree or disagree and they can change it one day for Standalone, I suppose.

Luis Canau

None of this is answering the question. I had the opportunity this week to use the networked version of Harmony. Other than how your files and shots are managed, it is the same product. For the sake of argument let’s say that it does indeed do more than Stand Alone and thus requires another pricing tier.

However, this doesn’t seem to be the case. I’ve spoken to a few people in studios who are interested in Harmony, and they all tell me similar stories. It’s almost a game of Monte Hall with “Let’s Make a Deal” with the salesmen. This should not be the case. There should be a set pricing structure in place, but there doesn’t seem to be. TB should not be charging Disney one thing and another company a totally different figure.

It would be nice is someone from TB got involved in this thread to give some clarification on the pricing system for Harmony.

The issue is not comparing Standalone to Database as a product, because Database might mean a handful of licenses or hundreds of licenses. And if standalone is worth, let’s say, abstractly, “1”, 1000 seats would surely not cost 1000, but by having a price tag on a Stand Alone license you might suggest that, and, maybe, scare some studio owners. On the other hand, especially for a 2D traditional pipeline it is actually a different product with a different workflow where you can have different people working with scan, paint and stage modules, and you can do render scheduling and have render farms - something that does not work with Stand Alone. But, as I said, that’s not the real issue. In any case, as TB currently does regular promotions with other products with a price tag, if they had a “pricing structure” in place that still wouldn’t prevent them of making different deals with different studios, right?

Luis Canau

Good points, Luis. I love the product, and TB offers great support. After speaking on the phone with sales today coupled with your remarks this seems to make a bit more sense to me. I guess its a question of scalability within a particular studio and what a particular studio needs?

Dear Customers,

The price of Harmony is not included in our website and Toon Boom is asking to contact our Sales Department in order to get it, because Harmony is sold as a solution and therefore a lot of factors have to be taken in consideration regarding the price.

As Luis Canau mentioned, it is different to consider a Standalone license, than a network solution.

It does not depend just on the unit price of a license, but also in which kind of support and training, for example, is going to be needed for a particular customer or studio; if Toon Boom is going to install in the studio; what kind of requirements and resources are going to be needed, among a lot of other considerations.

Putting a price tag in Harmony could lead to confusions, among individuals, small, medium and big companies if someone tries to compare the price as a unit per license.

Hope this clarifies a little bit this issue, and as always thanking you for your support and confidence.

Best Regards
Marisa Labrador
Technical Support Manager

Hi everyone,

Just want to chime in here and add that we can certainly consider posting a price in the future. However if we did so, that price would be the highest price, and that in itself could be misleading. What we have done up until this point is that we always try to work with studios and individuals to reduce the price of Harmony to something that works for them. You can receive discounts for volume, and you can arrange payment plans or for studios do price per project.

We also can add in additional consulting, on-site training, help setting up the studio, or even do custom development. So when it comes to a “solution”, there’s a lot more than just a Network License that you’re paying for.

Also, for the original question, we do also have student pricing available. You need to contact us for information on this so that we can verify your credentials.

We always try to do something that works for everyone!

Thank you for your support,

Product Manager

These are great replies, and helps clear up some of the confusion which is very much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to post, and helping to clarify!