Price break for people that recently bought SB Pro?

I am wondering if there’s a price break for those of us that bought SB Pro this summer. My order was processed in June.

I sent a note to earlier this week but haven’t seen a response.

On an unrelated topic, With Animate, you guys went all out to spread the word about the new release. So much so that you convinced me to pre-order it. For StoryBoard, I didn’t know that the new version was released until I received the marketing e-mail with the offer to attract new customers. That was sent out after the release.


Lilly/Ugo, can either of you nudge the sales team and get them to respond to my e-mails on this topic?

I heard from the sales team that they tried to leave you a voicemail but they never heard back from you. You can try returning their call or you can email Philip directly

Toon Boom Support

Thanks, Lily. I was able to contact Philip.