Previous Tool Selection

Hi guys,

Is there a shortcut to select the previous tool I used?
For example I am using the close gap and the paint tools. If I am using the close gap, and switch to the paint, the close gap shows as “semi selected”. So it makes me think that there could be a way to get back to the previously used tool.
Any ideas?
I know I can use the shortcut for each tool. But I find it easier to go to the previous tool if I am using only 2.
I checked the shortcut file for Harmony and could not find anything like that.
I am using Harmony 15 on Mac.


There is no way to get to the previously used tool but some tools have an
Alt button option which temporarily changes the tool in that group to the
most used option.

Thank you for your response rkriz.
It is good to know about the temporary changes.