I’m working on a project and find myself wanting to playback what I just did without having to drag accross the playhead. So I ‘Preview Movie’ and it worked fine until just recently as the file size began growing rapidly. Now when I attempt to preview something I just did it takes up to five minutes. This is depressing being that the animation hasn’t even reached a minute in length yet. Is there a simpler way of previewing?


You can selectively render a reduced subset of your work by selecting timeline current scene and entering a frame start and end range. Most likely you don’t need to preview the entire movie each time and just want to see a segment of frames and this allows you to do that and reduce render time. You need to use File>export movie to access this feature, but it is faster than hitting and rendering the entire movie. -JK

Ok, I supose that will work. Just one more question regarding the previewing, everytime I Preview Scene or Movie, does that store extra information on my computer?



When you preview a scene the preview is stored on your machine. Although it is disposed of as soon as you close the window, so basically if you have no room the preview might not work properly but making multiple previews of a scene should not take extra space on your hard drive.

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