Preview scene

Hey guys.
I’ve been using TBS 4.0 for a looong time! Very important application for me was the - preview scene - which let me see how my animation looks.

Yesterday - I’d installed the newest quicktime… And now my preview scene isnt working… I found out that the newest quicktime doest work with my version so I’ve installed quicktime version proper for my TBS version. BUT preview scene ISNT STILL WORKING ??? ??? I’m desperate. The ENTER command for quick preview isnt working also… can anyone help me?


you need version 7.15 or 7.16

and then you go to the advanced tab…

from 7.3 quicktime doesn’t have that option anymore :frowning:

Hey, it’s not working… Well quick preview works but it sucks…
Any other ideas?

Do you have any error messages?

What steps are you taking to reproduce the problem?