Preview problem??

I am on a Mac 10.4.9, and just now I am not able to see a preview when I touch the “return” key. instead, I get this alert message:

"Adobe Flash playback must be enabled in the QuickTime preferences for the preview to work. Please refer to the readme file for more information."

I have tried the system prefs (where there is a a QuickTime area), I looked for it in the QT player, and I looked in my browser prefs, in case it’s there.

I think there was a recent Flash update, which may have altered settings, because, I have been able to hit the return key and generate a quick preview for well over a year now, but somehow something recently has changed.

I cannot even find the “readme” file it mentions.

I would appreciate if any help on this.


I’m not sure that either of the following two suggestions will help but you never know. They both occured on my WinXP system after installing ToonBoom 4 (Quicktime v7.1)

After initially selecting the ToonBoom option: Play-QuickPreview
I got a progress window with 36% complete. ToonBoom then crashed. Looking at the system event logs I figured out that you need to set the following in Quicktime:
Edit:Preferences:Quicktime Preferences:Advanced:Safe mode (GDI only), rather than the default “DirectX”.

Tying above again, I think, I got the same warning message as you. I ended up starting Quicktime and selecting:
Edit:Preferences:Quicktime Preferences:File Types:Miscellaneous:"Flash Media"

One thing I have noticed, though, is that ToonBoom will still crash, albeit infrequently. The event logs show a GDI-related error. I haven’t had time to look into it though.

See the thread at the very top of this section. If you’ve upgraded your Quicktime to 7.3.1 or newer you will not be able to enable Flash playback in System Preferences or use Quick Preview.