preview problem 3.5

hi there
I have just installed tbs3.5 on a G4 (osx10.4) each time i try to preview(either movie, scene or exposure sheet) toon boom quits.

anyone have any ideas why this happens?

thanks, tony

hi tony
i have the same setup no problems here
so try this

go to your utilities and repair permissions
also go to quicktime and and turn on use flash
and while your there go to mime and turn on miscellaneous
flash media

good luck

thanks j
I have followed your instructions but unfortunatly the problem still occurs.

thanks tony

I think the problem is definatly something to do with quicktime as you suggest. I say this as I have no problems when exporting a movie, provided I dont opt for ‘launch player after export’.

I have turned on play miscellaneous (flash media) via mime settings but quicktime seems to revert back to previous setting each time ?

does anyone know how to preserve mime settings or stop them reverting to default?

hi tony
well quicktime should retain your settings
there is no trick to that just click
did you try trashing the preferences
that might clear up everything

you could also try to reinstall toon boom

if all else fails contact toon boom they should be able to help


Hi Tony,

Would it be possible to tell us what version of Mac OSX (10.4.x) and what version of QuickTime you have. The setting should have solved the problem of crashing export window but if it is the whole application crashing you might want to consider to get to the latest version of Mac OSX.

If this does not solve the problem make sure to recontact us and we will see to it.

Best regards,


hi Ugo
thanks for reply, im using an old version, just OSX 10.4, with quicktime 7.1.3. I will try to get hold of latest 10.4.

thanks Tony

thanks everyone
with latest the version of Osx I can now enjoy the full benefits of toon boom studio 3.5, everything previews fine with no crashes! wey hey…

cheers Tony