Preview Line Art Icons In Camera View?

Hello, I like to work in the camera view because I find the zoom percent drop box very fast and convenient but I was wondering if its possible to get the preview line art icons (overlay, underlay, ect) to appear in this mode?

I just saw in the tutorial videos that they do indeed have the overlay/underlay,ect icons in Camera mode on. I cant seem to find out where this is anywhere, anyone have any idea how to turn them on?

Also anyone know where to go so you can customize what icons you are using in a window?

I was able to get mine to show up after going to Edit>Preferences>General>check Use Advanced Art Mode(need to restart App).

Hope this helps


Thanks for your help eglue. For some reason Im not seeing any Avdanced Art Mode under General Settings. I wonder if its because im using Animation Pro 2 PLE

Hey thanks Lili.

a.)So what is the purpose of having the layers in the camera view. They dont do anything it seems.

b.)Also is there a way to get the zoom drop box to show in the drawing view ? Not sure why they would take that option out.

Animate Pro has the Line Art, Colour Art, Underlay, and Overlay buttons all showing at the bottom of the camera view by default.

It is not possible in the Camera view to turn off the preview of all the layers at the same time. In the camera view it will always display all of the layers. You can switch which layer is currently selected, but you cannot hide one of these layers. That is the purpose of the drawing view.

Hope this helps.


a) the purpose of having them in the camera view is that if you use your drawing tools in the camera view, they will draw on whichever layer is currently selected. So if you click on the overlay layer, your drawing tools will work in the overlay layer only and so on.

b) There’s no way to get the zoom drop box in the drawing view. I usually just use the 1 and 2 shortcuts to zoom in and zoom out. You can feel free to add this to the feature request section of the forums.