Preview Crashes Toon Boom???


I really love this program… but it’s letting me down a lot lately. Losing faith.

For no apparent reason, Toon Boom has been crashing when I try to Preview an animation. It just started doing this today. Didn’t do it last night but this morning it keeps crashing. I have changed nothing.

Why? Any takers?

Very, very frustrating because I have a deadline for a client and now I can’t use Toon Boom. What’s going on?


I don’t have any answers, but anyone who does will need to know what version you’re running, your platform, and your operating system.

Best of luck–I’m sure it will turn out, though perhaps a little sweat on your brow.

Oops. So caught up in my own tragedy.

I’m using Toon Boom version 3.

My system is a Mac G5 and I’m running Tiger OSX (10.4.5)

Just a note: I reloaded the program but the problem remains. I’ve been experimenting and have found that if I remove the background images (in all the projects that crash) then I can Preview. They are photos, so I figured maybe the file sizes are too big. I resized them in Photoshop and, on my current test, it doesn’t crash. Which is good!

Still, it doesn’t explain why Toon Boom suddenly decided ‘not tolike’ my background images. It’s had no problem with them up till now.

Does anyone have an explanation?

Thanks in advance,


one of the things you could do immediately is to investigate the app performance with the other renderer.

i’m not on a mac, so i don’t know what options you have, but go to the
main manu edit > preferences > display tab.
you’ll have ‘open gl’ there and what else? ‘quartz’?
change this, restart the program and try with your preview.
hope it helps a bit.

Thanks Rob,

Will do.

It’s great having this forum. Hopefully, one day I will be ‘smart enough’ to help someone else out here.

Much appreciated,


Hey Rob,

Changed the Renderer but… same result: Toon Boom starts to render the frames and then it just cuts out completely and shuts the program down.

Contacted Toon Boom Support, via email, but no reply so far. Am I right that Toon Boom only offers support if you pay for it? Or is that a vicious rumour?

Will find out, I guess.



when you have a close deadline, forget the preview and export your animation to see the result.
i can vaguely remember some problems with ‘preview’ mentioned before.
how many photos are there? i presume the renderer can’t cope with the data flow, but it must not be this. let’s wait for the tb guys to answer.
you could search the forum for the ‘mac + preview’ posts in the meantime.


Hey Rob again,

Checked out that thread you posted and it sounds exactly like what’s been happening to me. When I dropped the resolution of the images (which were at 300 dpi) the Quick Preview stopped crashing Toon Boom.

It still leaves a niggling thought though: why didn’t it do it before now?

In reference to image resolution, if I plan to zoom in on an image should I make the resolution approximate as to how far I’m going to zoom in eg. If I plan to zoom in to an image so that only one quarter of it fills the screen, should I then make the resolution approx. 300 dpi (4 x 72 dpi = 288 dpi… say, 300)?

Or should the image resolution just be 72 dpi regardless of zooms, etc. It makes sense to me that if I zoom in on a high rez image, it will retain an acceptable picture - as opposed to a lower rez version (ie. 72 dpi).

Always wanted to know this.

Thanks to anyone that answers (you know you want to, Rob!)


with zooming i dunno. just give it a try :wink:

300dpi is a print quality. it is not absolutely necessary to have such a quality in the animation. i think 150dpi would be still pretty good.

what resolution do you have now for your pics?
if you have time, experiment a bit with highest possible resolutions not causing your mac to crash, and post the results.
maybe other mac users could profit from your experiences.

I second the suggestion of exporting whenever preview is acting fussy. It’s good advice when you’re in a deadline pinch.

Hey there guys… just want it to be known that I too, (even though Im a WINXP user), am crashing at preview, 4 out of 5 times.
I too, was not having ANY of these probs before. overnight thing :confused: I dont get it… and it looks like no one has .

I too, am waiting for TB to reply to my plea for assistance.

So I feel ya me brother. Was just wondering if anyone knows what the fix is or if atleast TB staff or admin could “enlighten us” with some answers.

To answer the graphic DPI zoom debate from a graphic designer’s point of view…
YES, if you import the graphic at a higher resolution, it would look better and more detailed, BUT… this is true only for the TRUCKING cam towards the object kinda zoom , not the FOV zoom as that just scales whatever is in view

Cheerz boyz,
The Sarje.

Hi Sarje,

I don’t think we recieved any e-mails of that problem so it would be nice if you could send us the specifications of your machine and what you are running while trying to preview.

You can contact us directly via e-mail at

Best regards

Toon Boom Studio Tech Support

HHi Guys,

It is possible that the quick preview crashes when using large bitmaps for your animation (that’s is what you use right ? you hit the enter key ?)

It’s always better to use the full preview when testing scenes for quality, specially with bitmap since the results won’t be the same anyways. a Quick Preview is basically a quick rendering to the Flash format using default or low quality settings to make it quick.

Something you need to know. Flash is a great format but it is optimized for vector art and doesn’t render bitmaps (especially big ones) the same way then when exporting to a video format. When zooming/trucking bitmap images you will always have better results rendering to a video format instead of the flash format. Flash makes the bitmaps jerky and trembling, especially when it’s moving.

So the short answer is, when using bitmaps don’t use quick preview, use preview (control enter) and render to Quick Time for best quality.

Changing the dpi of an existing bitmap image will only scale it. You cannot add definition to a rastered image (bitmap). But scaling the image might help when rendering to flash since the scaling will result in a smoother (more blurry) image that will reduce the flickering effect. But scaling 4 times is looks overkill to me, start by scaling twice if you really need to. Also, if you are using Photoshop, look for the resampling option and use bicubic and if you can bicubic smoother to scale (you might have the same option in other image editor). It will help make the image smoother has I mentioned previously.

I will look at the problem with bitmaps and quick preview and see if we can tweak it to make it more stable.

Hope this is useful!