prevent PDF export converting an apostrophe ' to a Question mark ?

Every time I export a pdf all of my apostrophes ’ convert to question marks. ? There must be a way to fix this. I am on a Mac running OSX Mountain Lion. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The only fix I seem to be able to make happen is to not copy text into the dialog field and only type in dialog. that’s a ridiculous workaround for a $800 program but whatever.

Hi, Asymetrical,
In order to help your issue, please send an email to

Hi, Asymetrical,
Please change the encoding setting in PDF Export/Edit/Storyboard/Captions
Then change the Caption Font to Western CP1252.

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Yep, ocr reader can convert pdf document to certain file, but I recommend you apply a professional pdf converter to export and convert your pdf all of apostrophes, both to images like jpeg, bmp, gif and documents, like Word, tiff, and excel.

With respect to all comments above , I have struggled with the same problem as ‘Asymetrical’. I assume everyone else using Mac has the same problem.
The other problem relating to this is,- copy/ pasting dialogue from PDF into dialogue box doesn’t work properly . It deletes itself unless you actively change some of the text in the dialogue box. This is really affecting my work flow . It can also mess up pitches where the dialogue is missing after I have pasted into position.

I don’t care about OCR programs . I want the simple task of text in Storyboard pro to work properly. Text can’t be that difficult to sort out surely .
Toon Boom - is there a fix coming for this problem ?

I’m getting the same problem on PC. Copy and pasting it from a word processor this time.

The weirdest error ever, and is incredibly annoying because I need to backtrack to re-edit each and every occurrence of an apostrophe.

Has anybody figured this out?

I have just had this happen to me too, all my apostophe’s look like"apostoph?e" and any … have been turned to question marks on exporting it to a PDF.
Is it something to do with converting it to Plain text and then importing into Storyboard Pro? Or an export setting?

Has anybody found an answer?

This mostly happens on few situations

-When you export with PDF in rich format but not supported by Storyboard pro
-When wrong or not supported caption font is selected in PDF profile>Captions tab.

So first try with ‘Output Caption in Plain Text’ checked in PDF profile>Captions tab. If it still gives you a ? marks instead, try different Caption Font in same location.

If it still does not work, please contact with more details and samples.

This works, thanks

This is an ongoing problem, none the solutions listed here will help, its both mac and PC. If I use “fi” anwhere (ie profile becomes prof?le) I get the question mark as well. What seems like a simple fix for toonboom has remained unadressed, You will look like an idiot in your meetings if you dont spend an inordinant amount of time correctng these typos…NOT SOMETHING WE STORYBOARD ARTISTS NEED TO WASTE TIME WITH…but if you use TM StoryboPro…your kinda have to spend extra Hours going through your boards with a FINE TOOTH COMB

Especially whe they make such deal and fuss about how great the drop and drag function is in regaurds to the text capabilities…I dont have time to type the whole scri…AGAIN

after exporting PDF I can not able to edit in Acrobate getting "Adobe Acrobat has encountered an unknown error. :frowning:

Every time I export a pdf all of my apostrophes ’ convert to question marks. ? There must be a way to fix this. I am on a Mac running OSX Mountain Lion. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am also facing same problem.

I just fixed mine by changing the text encoding to CP1252 (under PDF Profile settings>Captions tab>Caption font). I hope it works for you!