pretty red boxes imported from flash

Hi all -

i am trying to import a four layer flash animation into TB. What i get in place of the images are red boxes where the images and backgrounds should be… the red boxes are nice but me thinks the client will not be impressed… I am new at TB and hope to use the tool to do the lipsync once i get the flash images in… thanks in advance…

Hi All -

I figured out the problem… Toon Boom does not work with Flash 2004 … well it does if you like little red boxes… I went back to Flash MX, exported the file and the little red boxes were gone and my images were there… gotta love it

actually that was not the problem - the problem was that in flash the properties value of the image was not set properly. I had to take each imported image in the Flash library, right click it, and change the compression was photo(jpg)… toonboom was then able to import the flash file fine…

Thanks for the tip in studio 8 on export movie I just unchecked compress movie and set jpeg quality to 100 the swf imported OK in trial vTBS 3 :slight_smile: