Presure sensitivity w/ wacom tablet not working

So I have already uninstalled and reinstalled my tablet driver with no success in fixing the pressure sensitivity in harmony advanced.It works fine with other programs such as SAI and photoshop. I use a wacom create tablet (its now an older model). Was there another step I was supposed to take?
Help please.

To resolve the problem you must uninstall ALL tablet drivers and
remove ALL tablet preference files. Shut down and restart the
system. Download and install the latest tablet driver for your
model of tablet and use the tablet utility to define your new tablet
preferences. Reboot after doing this.

In practice it can be difficult to find all tablet drivers and preference
files so it may help to do a system file search using the keywords
tablet and wacom (independently). If you are on Windows and have
experience editing the registry, also do a registry search using the
same keywords.