Pressure Sensitivity

I just installed the trial, but my Wacom Cintiq 12WX on a tri-monitor setup (two normal monitors and the Cintiq) does not register pressure sensitivity at all in Toon Boom Studio.

Is there some type of check mark I’m missing or something?

EDIT: Okay, it works now, but ONLY if the Cintiq is both the main monitor AND is on the left. What’s up with this?

I have this same problem with a two-monitor setup and a regular Wacom tablet. The pressure sensitivity only works if the main monitor is on the left. I think it might still work if I use the tablet on the right-hand monitor, but only if the main monitor is on the left.

I have the same problem! I didn’t have this problem with version 4.5, only version 6. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling everything, my cintiq 21UX drivers, preference files, TB Studio, even my display drivers. Nothing works, the pressure sensitivity only functions when my second monitor is on the right of my primary cintiq 21UX. Has anyone solved this problem yet?? I wrote Toonboom Studio support but haven’t received any help.

ARgh! Still having the same problems, even after wiping my system and updating everything. Is there no support for this issue?? It seems to be a fairly common problem!

When you lose pressure sensitivity, try deleting all tablet drivers except for the one powering your current tablet.

Next, if possible, delete all tablet preference files on the system (tablet.dat, tablet.pref, wacom.dat, wacom.pref).
Redo all your tablet preferences using the tablet utility.

Second step is to reinstall your Cintiq/tablet drivers, reboot and then open the Toon Boom application to test.

The monitor setup may require you to set your Cintiq/tablet as primary and may be specific to left or right as you mentioned.

For more support, please try as we do usually answer with good response time. If you do not get an answer, please check your spam/junkmail folder.