Pressure sensitivity on iPad Pro


So there’s the new iPad Pro in front of me right now and when it comes to drawing by using the Apple Pencil, it totally blows me away with it’s precision and performance.
Photoshop and Illustrator are perfectly fine when you use Astropad, which really turns the iPad into a full-value graphics tablet.
But now I’m testing Toon Boom Harmony and while drawing itself does work seamlessly, I noticed that there’s no pressure sensitivity.

I assume that there’s no iPad Pro support (yet), but is there another way to enable it?
Because Photoshop and Illustrator can handle it as well even though Adobe hasn’t released an update especially for the iPad Pro, it just works out of the box with Astropad.

So there must be way to enable pressure sensitivity in Toon Boom as well.
Is there a setting for that? Any ideas?
How do Surface Pro users do that?

Thank you in advance.

Sooooorry people, I just didn’t notice the difference in my line thickness because in the brush settings the minimum size was at 50%, it all looked quite the same.
Now that I decreased the value, the pressure sensitivity is much more obvious. Sorry, this thread is now obsolete.