preserving Illustrator layers

I’m having trouble preserving my Illustrator cs3 layers when importing a file into Animate Pro. I know that when you import Photoshop files you have to make sure every layer is grouped to preserve layers, is there something similar I have to do in Illustrator? When I import an .ai file into Animate Pro all my art is on the one layer, not seperated like the user guide say it should be ???

Ok, it looks like nobody can help with this?
Does anybody have any suggestions on the best way to get my Illustrator artwork into Animate Pro then? Anybody out there working with Illustrator and Animate Pro I would love to hear any tips or suggestions :slight_smile:

I can figure it out either. Would love if someone could help.

Try exporting your Illustrator Document as an SWF. When you go to export it in the popup SWF editor set it so the Illustrator Layers get exported as frames inside the swf. Then when you import that swf into Animate you should have a series of frames which you can just cut/paste to layers.

Thankyou! Have been playing around with exporting as swf but didn’t think to export as ‘frames inside the swf’… duh! This is going to save me so much time :smiley:

Speaking of swf…
When I import one it splits everything into layers regardless of groupings. How do you get round this?

With newer versions of Illustrator, Adobe changed the way that it writes its ai files. Basically we used to be able to access layer information, so that we could import the files with their layers preserved. However, newer versions of illustrator now no longer allow us to access that information, so we cannot preserve the layer structure anymore. There is nothing that can be done about this on our end.

As for the swf import grouping, I need to understand more what you want to do. In flash, there are groups for drawings. For example, when you draw a few things with brush strokes and then you group those brush strokes together. This type of grouping is a new functionality that we are bringing to Animate 2. Is this what you were looking for?

Or were you looking for grouping of layers? If I know more what you’re trying to do then I can see whether we can support it or not.

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The grouping in Animate 2 sounds like what I am looking for. I have tried to import background elements as swf files -stills. That though grouped come in as multiple layers with pegs. Not really what I needed.
V2 is looking quite promising.
Huge Regards

Just to make sure that we’re on the same page, are the groups just groups of brush strokes on one layer? And they are coming in as multiple layers at the moment?


Yup. Thats about the size of it.