Premium files are not working on Advanced

Ok so I’ve been working on a project both at home and school.

At home I was using the new trial version of Essentials while at school I was working on the slightly older version of Harmony Premium. And I was able to go back and forth just fine.

But recently I had to switch trials and use the new trial version of Advanced at home.

And THEN my school updated to the newest version of Premium (12.2)

So I come back home after using Premium to try and work on my project on Advanced and I can’t see any of my drawings. The number of frames that I used are saved as well as how many layers I made and what their names are, but my drawings and palettes are nowhere to be found.

Does anyone know why this is happening? Please help.


You ought to contact Support directly. Upgrading to 12.2 would definitely introduce changes in the software. This is really too specific a problem for the general answer you could expect from other users. This is just the user forum and it is rare that Toon Boom staff monitors posts.

An aside, I am surprised you could exchange projects from a trial version to permanent license software.

As a last ditch experiment if it has not been resolved and only after working on this with Support you might try wiping out the existing trial installation files and downloading a fresh trial version. This would be tricky because the files are installed in more than one place. Have Support guide you to each one to make sure everything is removed so there are no traces of a previous installation.

Thank you so much for your help!

Before you replied, I thought that maybe because I was using the Advanced version instead of the Premium version, so I downloaded the free trail for Premium. But it still wasn’t working!

But after reading your reply it’s probably because I have all 3 trial installation files on my computer, so I’ve got some cleaning to do.

Also I’ve tried so many times to contact Support but timing just seems to always be bad. I know they aren’t open now, but it seems like whenever I try to contact them when they are open, they either don’t pick up or they don’t get back to me.

Do you have any recommendations as to when I should contact them?


I have typically used the email address with consistent success.

For one problem they arranged a day and time to phone me then a tech accessed my system and cleared up a mess I had made of an installation.