Premiere XML Converter 1.0

Provided here for free - Premiere XML Converter v1.0

Converts a Premiere exported XML to a format that can be read by ToonBoom Storyboard Pro 3D.

This converter was made possible because of ToonBoom Storyboard Pro’s incompatibility with current editing packages. ToonBoom only offers support for Final Cut Pro (till version 6) - which only runs on the Mac, and no support for Premiere Pro (as of this release).

Due to limitations, you will need to provide both the XML that was exported from ToonBoom (through “File/Conformation/Export Project…”), and the XML that came out of Premiere. This is because some relevant data doesn’t pass through Premiere and needs to be extracted directly from the original XML.

The new XML (“Converted”) will be in the same folder as the Premiere XML.

This converter was written for our own needs, therefore the following limitations exist that don’t apply to our production:
(Most of these limitations exist in FCP too)

  • Transitions are not supported.
  • Sound volume keys will not transfer.
  • Duplicated, or split, panels are not fully supported.
  • Will fail if ‘in-point’ of a clip is a negative (illegal) number.
  • Careful when moving clips (panels) around. ToonBoom doesn’t like when panels are moved out of their shots (scenes) and will try to bring them back to their original shots on import.
  • When adjusting clip duration - use the Rate tool (‘X’) in Premiere instead of dragging the in/out points. This will cause the camera keys to adjust too.
  • Camera keys will not always translate properly back to ToonBoom, especially ones that span across multiple panels.

Provided Free of charge. Use at your own risk.

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