hey guys i was wondering how you can make your own preloader for your cartoons??

Here is a PRELOADER TUTORIAL you can study. You will need access to Flash to create and add your Preloader. If you want to find other Preloader tutorials just go to Google and enter a search for “preloader tutorial”, there are lots of them out there. -JK

Here’s another tut made by one of my students–I didn’t teach him anything, he’s a member of my animation club and learns independently. It made the top ten at NG.

it looks really confusing and complicated… i can see a lot of frustration in my future! haha thanks for the links

It looks that way. Try it once, then try it again, and again a third time, just to sweep away the notion of complication. It’s a lot simpler than it looks.

And when you’ve done it once and sorta get it, you can just keep reusing the one you made.

will do! is the only way to check if you did it right to upload it online??

oh im looking over your students preloader tutorial and its hard to understand with a differant flash program than toom boom :-/

As JK stated above, you have to have Flash to make a preloader. Toon Boom has no programming capabilities.

Another option for you would be to export as Quicktime, wich would require no additional software for completion. There was a time when you had to have QT Pro, but unless I’m mistaken, you can now do the job from Toon Boom with plain ol’ Quicktime.

To reduce file size, you can import it into Itunes and format it for the Ipod. Itunes, of course, is free.

" As JK stated above, you have to have Flash to make a preloader."

i dont wanna sound like a dummy but by having flash do you mean having the program or having a cartoon that is finished?

he means the program itself. TBS can export to the .swf format (shockwave flash), but that has nothing to do with the Adobe Flash program.

Hi Everyone,

Spoiler spoiler:

:-X Pre-loader and much more to be expected in the next release of Toon Boom Studio. :-X

Stay tuned for more!


All right, here is a link to the simplest preloader which can be.You shouldn’t have any problems with this one.
If you want to see a preloader I’ve used go to TBS showcase then
find a Christmas Hippo…but this preloader is a bit more complicated than the one
I posted link to. ha ha . good luck , have fun…>:o)))
hope that helps
Ps. before the next release of TBS use Flash to make your own preloader

Wow, Ugo, you really know how to put someone on the edge of his/her seat. Now I’m curious what other delights we have awaiting us in 4.0.

Any vague idea on release date?

Hi Rob,

Can’t say much more for now :-X but you should get your answer when the announcement will be made. (soon enough hopefully)

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the file doesnt work on that site :-\

Hi ssdecontrol,
This may - or may not help you on your quest.
Have a look at the following tutorial over on
Basic Flash Preloader.
…And remember - you need to have a Adobe Flash software to create it.

If you mean a fla file, of course the link doesn’t work. There’s no need for this file there.
Gee,…all is explain in writing on 4 pages and it is easy like 1,2,3…
The author gives instructions in a form of a story. I think he did it just for fun.
As the date indicates this tutorial was posted in 2000 so it should be
good for Flash 4 or 5 & up…I’m guessing. I think it cannot be put more bluntly,
all you need is on the page 2 the rest is just a filler.
good luck with it