Does anyone know of a way to add a preloader to a swf file produced from Animate2? I know I can probably do this with CS5 but that would make it one very expensive preloader!

I thought about importing the swf to Studio and then exporting with the default preloader but the import process appears to make changes to the original swf.

Thanks for any help



This post is for information.

My requirement was to incorporate a preloader into a *.swf file produced using Animate2 without having to use CS5 or other pricey software. If you’re looking for the same thing, I’ve found 2 products for under $20 that appear to meet my requirement in full.

1) Vertical Moon’s SWF, Lock and Load
2) Flashkicker

Trial downloads are available for both products. I’m not promoting either product, just trying to save folk time if they have a similar requirement and have had difficulty finding any products to evaluate.

Thanks to Lilly for pointing me in the right direction.


There is no way to add a preloader in Animate directly. However I did a search for “preloader swf” and found many sites that might be useful. I suggest you do a search like this and then you can find one of many free or inexpensive tools to help you out.

For example: