preloader still :/

hey guys ive been trying to figure out how this preloader thing works still and i havent really made much of a breakthrough... every preloader tutorial i look at explains it for some other flash program that isnt the same, would anyone possibly be able to type it out specifically for toon boom? i know its probobly a lot to ask from someone but itd help me out sooo much. ;D

You can’t create a pre-loader in Toon Boom Studio v3.5 or below. It takes action script which is a programming language and requires Adobe Flash as a programming tool to write the code. Basically all a pre-loader does is retard the playing of the movie until sufficient amounts of the movie’s content has been downloaded over the internet. SWF files are played on the client machine (the one the viewer is using) and the Flash player can’t play the movie until it receives enough of the content to have something to play. If there is a lot of content to be downloaded and you don’t have a pre-loader the viewer is waiting for the download to complete that’s all. The preloader just lets them know the need to be patient. -JK