Preferences/Shortcuts not saving

Hello,First, thanks for this forum as I’ve solved a LOT of headaches just by coming here and finding threads from other people with the same problems.Unfortunately, I did not find one for my current headache-My shortcuts and preferences are not saving. If I set a shortcut, it will work for that session, but everything defaults again the next time I run SBPro.I am running SBP2 on Vista - and this error message pops up:(or Storyboard Pro-pref.xml depending what I’m trying to change)Please help! ???

Thanks Lilly, deleting the entire SBP folder in the Roaming AppData folder seems to work for now. It should be a local profile, as this is my home machine. I did however notice the problem starting when I opened files I brought home from work- where we are working on Macs. Could this be related?Seems fixed for now, but if it starts again when I start bringing files back and forth, I’ll contact Support.

Yes, working on a PC at home- brought the files home as “backup” files rather than bringing the whole folders.Well, when I deleted the AppData folder, it recreated the same structure, and seems ok for now. I’ll post again if something goes wrong.

Hmm I haven’t heart of that one before. Is it a roaming profile (over a network) or a local profile (on one machine)? It may be that you don’t have the permissions necessary to write to that folder.

You can try to delete the preference file, then it should re-create itself the next time you save the preferences. If this doesn’t work then I’d contact


Are you working on a PC at home? That folder was definitely a Mac-style folder, and so I think it’s the root of the problem. How are you bringing the files back and forth? You should just copy the project folder itself - and it should not be looking for a Mac-style preferences folder when you just open the project. To be sure I’ll run a test where I save a project on a mac and open it on a windows machine.


Hmm yeah I wonder if it’s the backup file that’s doing it. Usually what I do when I copy from one computer to another is I just zip the project file and transfer it. There may be something in the backup operation that’s saving information about the original computer that it was on, for example the prefs and the location where the file was saved.