Preference window too big for screen

Hello, I just downloaded the personal learning edition of animate pro, and when I open the preferences panel it is cut off by the bottom of my screen:

I’m using a 13’ Macbook Pro, which has a max resolution of 1280x800.
The rest of the program works great, but I cannot modify the preferences because I can’t click ‘accept’ or whatever other buttons are down there that get cut off.

I really would like to add some of my own keyboard shortcuts, but this way I can’t.

Any help would be appreciated. This could be easily fixed if I could just resize the window to not be as tall :frowning:

This is the reason why it says in the system requirements:

Monitor supporting 1280 x1024 resolution

However if you’re stuck you should be able to hit Return to accept the changes that you made, and Escape to cancel out of the preferences window.

Toon Boom Support

I have a macbook pro with 1440 x 900 screen and if parts the main workspace is out of window I press the green button on the top left of the screen and the window fits to the screen size, and after that all other windows that pops up.

Hope you make it work.
Best regards