pref.xml and start up screen

Hi there.

I’m trying to set up a little script that will pre-fill info for most if not all fields during the start up screen.

Basically what my script will do is: take a “newSceneName” as an input from user. I want that “newSceneName” to show up in the start up screen under the field “Project Name”, “Project Title”
From their own I should be able to click “Create” button.
Which at the moment is grey.

In Storyboard Pro-pref.xml file I found one id that corresponds to “Project Directory” that’s NEW_SCENE_SAVED_PATH so I have prefilled.
It’s working lovely.

Now I need the other two “Project Name” and “Project TItle”.

Any ideas anymore?
Where can I find a list off all those ids? or how can i list them and their values?

Also, how to set a certain resolution to always be selected as a default? (in that same screen)

Any help is appreciated.