Praise for TBS Workouts

Just wanted to praise you guys at Toon Boom for the workout series. I’ve been struggling to progress beyond the basics in animation (OK, even learning the basics has been a struggle!). So far I’ve completed the Animating Workout and am most of the way thru the 2-legged Workout, and they are well worth the money. They’ve led me thru some interesting projects step by step, and I can refer to them later when I forget how to do something. They’ve also given me some ideas on how to present the material to my students, who are reluctant to expand beyond flip-book style animation. So, thanks!

Reeally happy to hear you like them…seriously thanks! :wink:

Boy, just when TB needed some good feedback in here, along comes this!

Thanks again rattlebrain for your comments. ALL feedback is appreciated as long as it gives me an idea what is working and what isn’t. Obviously, the Workout Series doesn’t seem to fit everyone’s needs, but that’s the kind of info I’m looking for.

I’m doing my best to help, thanks for noticing. :wink:

hmm should i buy the workout i dunno the tutorials that are free look good enough to me