Powerpoint characters

Hi all,

I have a few characters designed on powerpoint that I now want to animate. Is there any way of porting over the pictures? They are designed using multiple basic shapes and took hours. I can’t seem to be able to draw them the same in Toon Boom so was hoping to try and copy them over.

Is it possible?

You might try taking some screen grab snapshots from your Powerpoint display then opening them in an image editing software like Photoshop to remove unneeded backgrounds and then import them into TBS and convert them into cut out characters for animation. -JK

Intro to Photo Cut-out Animation

Building A Cut-out Character

Thanks JK, I’ll give that a go. Do you know if the bones will work in terms of adjusting facial expressions or would they have to be manipulated in a different way (assuming I keep using the basic shape model)?

You could use the morphing capabilities of TBS bones for image expression animation although it would be tedious and not too easy because of the issues of area of influence control. They don’t currently provide the ease of fine adjustment of influence that really needs to exist for that purpose. I have found a tool that I prefer for photo facial animation: Puppet Warp in Photoshop CS5. Having said that if you don’t have access to that software then bones in TBS is a possible technique but be prepared to face a lot of banging your head against a brick wall in the process.