Potential Toon-Boom-ite

I have a need to create a number of 60-90 sec cartoons. I have been using Goanimate for nearly a year. It is 'OK".

On the plus side, you can have an animation up and running in a relatively short time. It is sort of acceptable quality.

On the negative side, it looks un-natural and the movement “library” is very limited in my estimation along with other limitations.

My question … is it possible to create a library of movements to either A character or even a number of characters (i.e. putting a different puppet on the skeleton)?

I realise it is quite an open ended question. I also understand it would require a fair investment of time/energy/learning curve.

What I DON’T have time for is to reinvent the proverbial cartoon wheel every time I need to do another one. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

All … apologies if the topic was a bit unclear. Also I just wanted to make sure you understood my question was whether ToonBoom Studio would have the ability I am asking about.