Posting My Entry to Youtube

Hi there. So, now that the contest entrants have been decided - and there are some very fun ones! - can I post my entry to YouTube? (Well, that’s what I’m about to do, but I thought it would be good to ask. :))


ScaryFairy what’s up it’s Matador from the Keyframer Forums, I didn’t know you had been dabbling with AnimatePro. Good luck in the contest.

ola!! Wow, you’re so involved here! And I am, indeed, dabbling. :slight_smile: Still - STILL - I’m not pleased with my drawing, but … I worked in Flash for so long and even now, when I do a Flash project, the brush seems to work like magic. Oh well. One day, Animate Pro will give up its secrets to me. Ha.

My entry wasn’t one of the chosen ones. I entered to try a caricature and I was actually pretty pleased. Of course, that means nothing, does it? :slight_smile:

Your toonbooming site is fantastic in every way! Well done and bravo!! There are so many - well, not quite secrets, but things that I’ve had to learn the very hardest way. I see (eeek! ADAM!) Phillips’ BG tutorial is one of your favorites; I just caught a demo of StoryBoard Pro (which he used and then imported his thumbnails) - this is a program that can change a life! I’m already saving up.

I’m going to try to stay in better touch. It’s an important thing, to share stuff we know. I’m thrilled that you’ve taken the lead in this.

Thanks, The Animate Pro secrets that you refer to are slowly but surely being revealed by numerous members of the community and Toonboom themselves. The HOW TO tutorials is good place to start. It is hard to commit to learning such a Deep rooted Program like Animate Pro, with all it’s Bells and whistles, specially when you are probably so comfortable using Flash, but if you are serious about animation it’s the right thing to do.

I wouldn’t say that your entry means nothing just because it was not chosen. I know how feels to not have your work chosen after all the hard work, but what is important is that you learned some things along the way, and managed to complete something using the program. If you stick with it, you will get better and better because every short brings new challenges and new learning opportunities.

Thanks for the comments on the site - and I think you meant Adam Phillips? Yes Bg’s have always been a Problem for me, and those tutorials where very helpful, but not as helpful as the on he did in his Live stream. He starts with a basic sketch and turns it into a complete bg, you should check it out if you haven’t already.

Storyboard Pro has been high on my list of must have programs for a while, but it has been a tough year and I have not been able to get it yet, but I agree that it is a life changer and must have for anyone doing animation.

Yay, Alex! Now THIS is what I call a conversation! (You make a superb mentor! I hope you can monetize that in some way. And big oops on Adam Phillips’s name. Sorry.)

And I absolutely agree that Animate Pro is ‘the right thing to do.’ The pipeline’s a thing of beauty, especially when you’re a one person studio. APro allows us bigger visions, but asks us to develop skills equal to those visions. I think it’s only tricky when you don’t have the luxury of time to master all the tools or their tricks. I’d like to work the camera better without always losing one layer (that one’s a mystery!).

I also agree VERY much about all the learning that goes on with any project. I didn’t mean to sound the martyr; in fact, I meant it means nothing what I thought. I’m often pleased with that I did. Until a week later. Eeeeek!! :slight_smile:

Anyway, here’s an animation I just posted last night: (The glitches actually happened at compositing. The preview doesn’t ‘catch’ them; they’re only revealed after rendering. Either that, or I have a bad eye.) I JUST learned how many bg’s are done in photoshop, so I played a little with that method. (I probably shouldn’t post this here. Oh well.)

And ps. I think we all understand tough years. I’ll keep my eyes, ears and mind open for ways to help.

Thanks, but me … Mentor, oh no-no-no,::slight_smile: I’m the guy that will scratch and scratch until I find the answers I need to solve whatever problem I am facing at the moment, then share the solution with everyone.

That short is Sa-weet, you are further along than I thought with Animate. I can see you used some particle effects and some masking effects very nicely done.

Very funny! That’s exactly what I do (with a whole lot of ‘hoping it just works’). Except, when I get teaching gigs, I realize how much has turned into stuff I really and truly know. Isn’t it all amazing that way? :slight_smile: You have a great advantage being a really good artist. I remember your character designs from way back.

Thanks for checking out my animation. I did the particles in AE and no masking (but I see right now that I SHOULD have. Could have. It would have been so much smoother. :\ I do mostly fbf for no good reason, other than habit.

This poor thread could’ve probably been turned into three others. Ha!