posting my cartoon on web

I have a 7 minute cartoon that I spent over a year on, and another 7 minute that was my first cartoon. They are 100 percent original also. Comedy Central, and Adult Swim want complete ownership before they look at it. I’m afraid of loosing ownership to them and then have them not even watch it.

Is there a website for amature cartoons where even if I loose ownership, I can at least have it on the web where people will at least see it.

ps My cartoon is oriented for adults and is similar to shows on adult swim.


Why don’t you put it on Youtube,…it’s free.

I was wondering if there are other websites than youtube. Especially oriented toward amature cartoons. I also have two clips I am going to submit to Toonboom.

If you are interested, I’m sending them a Gorilla playing Bass clip, and a Giant Snowman fighting Tanks clip to Toon Boom. They are also friendly for all ages.

you can try putting it up on Aniboom