Post scripts here!

I use these two all the time:

//2014 v 1.1

function exposeDrawings(){
scene.beginUndoRedoAccum(“Expose Drawings”);
var curFrame = frame.current();
var numSelLayers = Timeline.numLayerSel;
for ( var i = 0; i < numSelLayers; i++ ){

	if ( Timeline.selIsColumn(i ) ){
		var nomeC = Timeline.selToColumn(i);

	var tipo = column.type(nomeC);
	if (tipo == "DRAWING"){

		var lista = column.getDrawingTimings(nomeC);
		var k = 0;
		var limite = curFrame + lista.length;
		for (j=curFrame;j<limite; j++){
			column.setEntry(nomeC, 1, j, lista[k]);


… I don’t know why the indents aren’t posting, I’ve wrapped it in a code tag. :C Sorry, this is less helpful than I had envisioned.

I will try to figure it out for more. Keep sharing such informative post keep suggesting such post.

This second one is from here:

//Find and Replace script

function Find_And_Replace()
d = new Dialog;
d.title = “Find and Replace”;

var group = new GroupBox;

var findLE = new LineEdit;
var replaceLE = new LineEdit;
findLE.label = “Find:”;
replaceLE.label = “Replace:”;

group.add(findLE );
group.add( replaceLE);

var rc = d.exec();

if (!rc)

var _find = findLE.text;
var _replace = replaceLE.text;

var n = selection.numberOfNodesSelected();

for (i = 0; i < n; ++i)
var selNode = selection.selectedNode(i);
var nodeNamePath= selNode.split("/");
var nodeName = nodeNamePath[nodeNamePath.length - 1];

var newNodeName = nodeName.replace(_find, _replace);
var columnId = node.linkedColumn(selNode,“DRAWING.ELEMENT”);
var elementKey = column.getElementIdOfDrawing(columnId);
var newColumnName = newNodeName;

node.rename(selNode, newNodeName);
column.rename(columnId, newNodeName);
element.renameById( elementKey, newNodeName);

//System.println(newNodeName );

Anyone else have any super helpful scripts? There is this site as well:

Hi wulfae,

thank you for opening this thread.

What would you think about a whole separate forum section for scripting (scripts, script modules and expressions) allowing to concentrate all informationon about that topic in one rubric?

I think it would be the best! I was hoping something like this would work until then.

Do you know how I can post things and keep the indentation intact? throws hands up in the air

Hm, I think it depends on where you copy the text from.

If it keeps it indentation in a basic text editor like windows notedpad it will be displayed properly in your forum post as well.

Hello there! I am looking to build a script that would allow me to modify the properties of x-axis position of multiple layers. Please see this forum to see what I mean if confused:

Hello, I’m sorry to disturb you. I want to download the exposed rawings script, but the syntax error is displayed. I don’t know why. I want to ask you what happened


the Expose Drawings script posted by wulfae was written by William Seito (as you can see on top of the script’s code).

The syntax error is caused by the fact that the posted script’s code is not complete.

Try downloading the script again directly from his website.

Otherwide, you could also use the QuickSwap script by CartoonFlow, which has a similar functionality.

Sorry, do you have the complete code? I need this