Possible to "Share Group"?

I’m looking to emulate something I like doing in AnimateCC with SBP20.

Ex: Say you have two characters interacting/fighting on a vehicle. Instead of per panel having to waste time and energy keeping track of the position of the vehicle and the characters remaining consistenly aligned to any movement of that vehicle on the set - I’ll just board all the action for the vehicle & characters on it as a nested object (it’s own timeline), then on the main stage, move the vehicle/character object across the scene independently. This way if I need to edit staging, framing, or acting, neither of those three things mean having to update the others, surrounding panels adjust automatically and it’s just really nice to have considering the nature of our work where we’re always tweaking things.

I know SBP20 doesn’t seem to have an object system or nested layers (if it does please lmk), but hoped to maybe emulate something similar with the ‘shared’ layer feature, but as a ‘shared group’? Does that exist? Is there a better way to accomplish this?

SBP does not have symbols like Adobe Animate(Flash) has.
You can group layers in a panel, which in turn you can drag and drop to other panels. You also have libraries, that you can share and reuse any elements you create in SBP.